Centered around the figure of Can "Khan" Oral, Khan Of Finland are a trio in the traditional sense of the word who make a sound that is anything but.

Utilizing just vocal, piano, human beat-box, they play an all- Acoustic Electronic Blues but also switch roles and improvise. The piano becomes a percussive instrument. The beat melodic. The vocal full-blooded, From the blues to a howl. The sound veering from metal-heavy riffs to dubbed-out cabaret. They will be touring Khan's upcoming album "Who Never Rests...", stripping the songs down and stretching them out into new spaces, as well as performing songs from older projects, improvisations and the odd cover.

Khan Of Finland are:

Khan, an international blues traveler of Turkish-Finnish extraction, who has collaborated and performed with such divas like Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Brigitte Fontaine and Kid Congo Powers amongst many other. He who never rests with heart and blood and beats and laptop. Smeared in greasepaint and sporting perverse bunny ears, Khan plays MC, host and torch singer from the depths of hell.

Human beat-box Mark Boombastik was born on Hamburg's "Schanzenviertel" and started making music with his mouth after someone broke his guitar. Fed through an array of effects, his teeth become a xylophone, his tongue a billion drum-rolls. He has recorded and played with the likes of Felix Kubin, Patrick Catani, and Funkstörung.

Classically-trained pianist Boris Bergman is a Frankfurt native, transplanted to Berlin on. His experience ranges from traditional to the avant-garde, including stints playing drums and keyboards in no wave and punk bands and work composing film scores. You have probably heard his music in a movie or tv series already.

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